social media influence and football


How social media influence is changing football

Social media has significantly changed the way football fans, stars and clubs interact with each other. Millions of fans now turn to social media such as tweeter and Facebook to get insights, news, and commentaries on football from their favorite matches. Social media has the greatest impact on football as compared to other forms of media.

football fans sharing the love for sports

Football fans use social media to share their love for sports, and football stars. It also provides an interactive platform through which football fans can interact with each other. For instance, over 500,000 football fans used the social media platform as the source of news for the Brighton vs Tottenham 1-1 match on Saturday 17th March 2017.

Brighton vs Tottenham 1-1 match on Saturday 17th March 2017(Image source: Reuters)

Football enthusiasts turned to social media to discuss the match and the performance of the team in the ongoing premier league.

engaging with football fans and businesses

Social media is also influencing the way football stars to engage with their fans. Football players such as Mario Balotelli has 9.8 millions of followers on Facebook and 3.1 million on Twitter. He uses the social media platform to occasionally share selfies with his fans.  This is a proof of social media’s huge impact on football.

Football Icon Mario Balotelli(Image source:

Social media offers football fans and business direct and greater engagement on football tournaments than any other media. Through social media, football fans can follow their favorite clubs. For instance, Barcelona has over 150 million followers through social media. This shows social media has become a great frontier for sports. It has provided a new communication channel for business to get involved in promotions to benefit their brands.

football fans influencing football rules

Social media is also influencing football rules. An example is the pass back and the golden goal rule. The pass back rule avoids wasting time through pass backs in a football match, making the game more interesting. The golden goal rule applies when teams go extra time, and the golden goal is the ultimate win for the match.

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social media influence and football

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