Should Abortion Be Legalized?

Why abortion should be legalized.

Abortion is a medical procedure of terminating a pregnancy by removing an embryo or fetus before it can survive outside the uterus. The issue of whether abortion should be legal, moral or unlawful remains one of the most debated issues in different societies and religions (Michael pg. 169). Supporters of legalizing abortion claim that it’s a right of every woman as an unborn child are not considered human. On the other hand, those against abortion argue that it’s technically murdering the unborn child. This is because the life of a person begins right after conception. Similarly,  Medical professionals, also claim on the medical basis that abortion should be legal if it risks a woman’s life as a result of pregnancy-related complications.  However, irrespective of one’s beliefs or opinion, legalizing abortion is in the best interests of women, as it protects their fundamental rights and freedom of making personal decisions which they deem appropriate.

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Illegalizing abortion violates a woman’s rights

Legislating against abortion violates several fundamental rights for women entitled to every citizen. The constitution grants every citizen the right to liberty, privacy, and religious freedom.   For instance, in the United States, the right to liberty and privacy is one of the most fundamental principles of the 14th amendment. It’s Every woman’s right to make decisions on childbearing and not a legislative responsibility of the government. Putting restrictions on abortion is denying women fundamental liberty and privacy rights(Joyce, pg 4).  People against legalizing abortion often quote religious and moral reasons as their core factors on why abortion should be illegalized. These beliefs are subject to personal interpretation, hence it’s wrong to legislate against abortion or form foundation of any law based on personal views. Every person has a right to religious freedom on  ideas to embrace and support.  Declaring abortion illegal based on religious or moral beliefs is restricting the freedom of religion which is also entitled to every citizen(pg 6). Therefore, abortion should be legalized as declaring it illegal violates several fundamental rights for women which are guaranteed by the constitution.

Legalizing abortion will encourage committed parenting

Legalizing abortion has both economic and social consequences. Raising up a child requires both economic and social commitment. It is wrong to force someone to adopt this responsibility if they feel not committed to it. The consequences lead to an unsupportive or unconducive environment which is unsuitable to raise a child (Steven, pg 2). It is therefore in the best interest of the children to leave childbearing to people committed to parenthood and are well prepared for social and economic resources required to raise a child perfectly by legalizing abortion.

Legalizing abortion will discourage unsafe health practices

Legalizing abortion does not imply that can be completely avoided. People with unwanted or unplanned pregnancies and are not ready to bring up children at that particular time will result in unsafe abortion. About 24 million legal abortion and 20 million are carried out annually( David, pg 1)  ways. Although the rich may have a way to to go around such legislation, it is the poor and less fortunate who will suffer dearly in their quest to terminate unwanted pregnancies. According to the world health organization, complications from unsafe abortion causes 68,000 deaths annually, which can be avoided(David, pg 3).  Therefore, legalizing abortion is both risky and expensive and can have an enormous negative impact on efforts promoting good health and reduce mortality rates in the society.

Therefore abortion should be legalized because it allows women to make appropriate choices on childbearing, which helps and overall healthy community. It protects their fundamental rights and reduces the health risks associated with seeking for unsafe abortion means by availing safe, modern abortion procedures where it can be carried out safely. Most important,  it creates a conducive and constructive parenting environment, as everyone will raise children with love, commitment to adequate planning for the required social and financial resources to raise a child.

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Should Abortion Be Legalized?

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