Sample Essay: Music in My Life.

I consider myself one of the privileged few brought up in a family of musicians. Being upcoming musicians, my parents introduced me to music at a very tender age. Since then I have developed a taste of different genres of music from the old classical all the way up to the modern rock. Although music is just a form of entertainment for many people, it has a deeper role in my life, both educational and inspirational.


Music is the greatest source of inspiration for my life. When I go through depressing and challenging situations, I get inspiration from music. Plato once said, “Music gives the soul to the universe, wings to the mind, flight to the imagination, and charm and gaiety to life and to everything, (Thomas 219). I find Plato’s words very applicable to my life. I use the power of music to influence my feelings, relieve myself some bad memories and bring back some memorable flashbacks that arouse happiness to my sad heart and revive my sunken soul.


Besides inspiration, music also has educational value in my life. Thought the history of human existence, people have assigned music greater meaning as a powerful tool for learning and development rather than just entertainment (Schäfer 7). For my case, music is a language of its own, able to communicate through melody, rhythm, and words. I learn from music how to relate with people as well as how to overcome and embrace the challenges I experience in life.

Overall, besides inspiration, each music has something I learn from it, such as experiences, emotions and most significant, social components that includes the teachings of different aspects of life and their meaning.

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Sample Essay: Music in My Life.

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