Human Rights Grants and Funding for Local Organizations in Kenya

Call for proposals from Protect provides Human rights Grants that support local human rights organizations in the implementation of activities aimed at advancing a human rights agenda and to counter violations (including combating repressive laws, restrictions, sanctions, and administrative provisions restricting their work) implements the support program to local human rights organizations through its partners UAFEMHRFFIDHOMCTRSFPI, and PBI. learn more from the link below.

Deadline: All Year-Round 

The objective of the Human rights Grants is to strengthen human rights organizations working with vulnerable communities at local levels. 

  • Expanding capacities to implement local innovative activities and projects- this includes supporting human rights defenders and their organizations in advancing human rights agenda on areas such as advocacy, public campaigns, capacity building, and material development and implementing protection plans.  The funding would help sustain initiatives by local human rights organizations aimed at preventing and responding to developments adversely affecting human rights and the human rights defenders’ movements at the local level, especially in the most difficult countries and working on behalf of vulnerable communities.
  • This medium to longer-term support program is especially addressed to groups or NGOs that have limited capacity to approach donors, including those particularly targeted because of the issues they work on, those recently established or not having the possibility to register in their countries of operation, those in need of a timely and flexible response, and those working in remote and isolated areas.


The interventions targeted include 

Expanding capacities to implement local innovative activities and projects to prevent and respond to infringements faced by Human Rights Defenders and their organizations, and to advance a human rights agenda. supports strategies related to advocacy or public campaigns, capacity building and training, documentation and printing of materials, joint development, and implementation of protection plans by human rights organizations and networks.

  • Building capacities of local organizations, by allowing them to obtain and/or conduct specific training in areas that would assist in protecting them, such as physical and digital security, legal defense, litigation, etc.
  • Campaigning and advocating for the protection of defenders and to advance a human rights agenda. Such as through “academic” visits of special rapporteurs, national, regional and international campaigns or advocacy missions to counter funding restrictions, defamation, and the criminalization of human rights defenders in countries in situations of early warning, and to support initiatives for legal and policy changes.

Consolidating operational capacities of local human rights organizations. prioritizes funds for operational activities rarely covered by other donors yet important to the medium to long term prospects for Human Rights Defenders, such as:

  • Supporting emerging local initiatives, especially the ones in isolated areas or strengthening Human Rights Defender protection structures, such as networks or focal points;
  • Providing a lifeline to local organizations that are ‘endangered’ by unexpected and/or grave security, financial, legal, or administrative situations.

How to apply

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Human Rights Grants and Funding for Local Organizations in Kenya

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