Controversy of Vaccines Causing Autism

what you need to know about vaccines and autism

What you need to know about the Controversy of Vaccines Causing Autism.

Different opinions have emerged on the safety of childhood vaccines linking them to autism. This has parents left with a hard task on making decisions on whether or not they should have their children vaccinated. Safety risks on children vaccinations have fueled a highly controversial discussion on Vaccines Causing Autism. this is especially for essential childhood vaccinations for measles, mumps, and rubella (MMR).


Protests Against Vaccines for fear they cause Autism.( source: World News Group).

The argument between autism and MMR vacancies is a decade old argument dating back to D.R Wakefield’s findings. Dr. Wakefield reported vaccines were directly responsible for causing autism in the vaccinated children.  This research has since been claimed as misleading, unverifiable and based on falsified data. However,  many people across the globe still continue to hold the view that vaccinations cause’s autism. Decades of research have failed to establish conclusive evidence that vaccines cause autism.

Why are vaccines associated with autism?

Increase in the number of autism incidences with the increasing use of the MMR vaccines fueled the speculation that vaccines were the major cause of an increase in autism cases. However, reasons for a rise in autism cases in children especially from the 1990s to 2000s have been scientifically explained. Increase in the number of autism cases can be attributed to a number of factors, which are mostly genetic, cultural and environmental. It has nothing to do with autism.

It is suggested that vaccines damage the intestinal lining. this allows the encephalopathic proteins to enter the body. This has been used to support the claims of Vaccines Causing Autism. However, it has since been scientifically proven to be wrong.

Another claim is Vaccines contain ethyl mercury.  Ethyl mercury is as a preservative claimed to contribute to weakening the central nervous system as its toxic. In addition, it’s claimed that multiple vaccines contribute to weakening the body’s immune system. However, No research has however substantially demonstrated that the rising number of cases of autism are associated with vaccination in any of these cases. Scientific evidence acknowledges that indeed the immune system of the child is vulnerable, but these vaccines work independently. There is no immune mediation for autism and therefore the thought of three vaccines being too much to overwhelm the immune system is wrong.

Widely publicized research findings of D.r.Wakefield. Wakefield, who is a gastroenterologist and not vaccinology or any special training on pervasive disorders, stated that he had identified measles virus in the intestines of twelve children diagnosed with autism. However, his experiment had serious flaws, and results could not be replicated in any other study.

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The facts on the vaccine-autism debate.

Autism impairs the brain neurodevelopment, affecting the patient’s verbal and nonverbal communication capabilities. The condition is also associated with difficulties in social interaction and repetitive behavior.  The major signs, and symptoms that are identified in early childhood, during the first two years after childbirth. Of late, the number of autism cases has increased significantly, especially in the last two decades. However, this has no relationship with the increased number of vaccinations in the same period.

There is no established scientific evidence on vaccines causing autism. Several studies carried out to investigate the matter did not yield any convincing evidence that the MMR vaccination increased the risk of autism for children given vaccination.

The actual causes of autism have not been clearly identified. However, none of the research evidence points out to vaccines causing autism. Vaccines are administered to children before their first year.  On the contrary, the symptoms of autism manifest when children are between the ages of 18 to 24 months.

Children affected by autism show considerable differences brain structure and function to those who are not affected. This is despite the fact that they are all subjected to similar vaccinations.  Currently, specialists can identify autism even before the children are born using technology. This is long before these children are exposed to vaccinations.

Statistics on the number of reported cases of children with autism and those of who receive MMR vaccinations show no correlation. This is despite that vaccines now almost administered in all parts of the world. About 86% of the total children are vaccinated worldwide.  However, only about 1% of the world population has the autism disorder.

Bottom line

Overall, the bulk of the information and facts analyzed are an indication that there is no relationship between the autism and the measles, mumps, and rubella (MMR) vaccinations.

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Controversy of Vaccines Causing Autism

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