Clean Sustainable Energy

Access to clean, reliable, affordable sustainable energy a key boost to saving our planet from ecological collapse.

Image: EDM workshop for developing a County Energy Plan on sustainable energy in Meru County, Kenya April, 2021

Globally, more than 3 billion people lack access to clean cooking sources. Inefficient cooking stoves emit a quarter of the total global carbon emissions, making them a great contributor to climate change. Traditional cooking methods make the bulk of inefficient and unsafe cooking methods. Moving from traditional to improved cooking methods would significantly save our planet from ecological collapse due to the threat posed by climate change.

A key problem in adopting cleaner cooking alternatives includes a lack of access to faster, reliable, and affordable cooking fuels and technologies. Moreover, uptake of improved cooking stoves, especially in rural areas, is low. Other problems such as the low quality or lack of quality ICS high cost of ICS are key hindrances to adopting clean and safer cooking methods.

Clean cooking Stoves ICS (Image copyright: Clean Cooking Assosciation of Kenya)

Unsafe cooking poses a danger to both the environment and human health. According to the world health organization, smoke from unsafe cooking methods to smoking two cigarettes packets per day. Adopting cleaning would reduce the damage to our planet and harmful emissions that are a threat to good health. Clean cooking methods include Improving cooking stoves(ICS) and Liquidified petroleum gas(LPG). Organizations such as Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ)   GIZ , Rural Community Development Agency(RCDA) among many others have stepped up efforts to increase the adoption of clean cooking methods in sub-Saharan countries, including Kenya.

Examples of successful projects in promoting clean and safe cooking methods include the Darful Sudan Cookstove project supported by the Practical action organization. In Kenya, counties such as Meru County are also developing sustainable energy plans to support the adoption of clean cooking methods. The world bank has The Efficient, Clean Cooking and Heating Program and the Clean Cooking Fund to support ICS adoption across 21 countries. 

We can all support a cleaner planet by adopting clean cooking methods and supporting ICS uptake in our communities.

Clean Sustainable Energy

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