Where do we start! The grant application process.

A guide through the grant application process Here comes the most challenging part of the grant application, starting the process. Those who received the link and reviewed my post on featured in my blog are aware its all year funding that CBOs could apply. Here is the link to my previous blog post. Getting […]

Human Rights Grants and Funding for Local Organizations in Kenya

Call for proposals from Protect provides Human rights Grants that support local human rights organizations in the implementation of activities aimed at advancing a human rights agenda and to counter violations (including combating repressive laws, restrictions, sanctions, and administrative provisions restricting their work) implements the support program to local human rights organizations […]

A guide to writing different types of academic papers

Research paper A research paper is an expanded essay, presenting a collection of different pieces of information on a particular topic from different sources. A Research paper presents a scientific analysis of a perspective, argument, and definition of a particular point or problem. Research papers have different types which include definition, cause, and effect, interpretative, […]

Controversy of Vaccines Causing Autism

What you need to know about the Controversy of Vaccines Causing Autism. Different opinions have emerged on the safety of childhood vaccines linking them to autism. This has parents left with a hard task on making decisions on whether or not they should have their children vaccinated. Safety risks on children vaccinations have fueled a […]

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