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Ready to Make A Bigger Difference with Your Message?

The Author Incubator is the world’s premier school for non-fiction transformational authors who want to make a difference in the lives of thousands of people.

Our program is for life coaches, healers, consultants, and movement and nonprofit leaders who want to write a book with a message of hope, healing, or transformation that will help them create a six- or seven-figure business out of serving their readers.

We’ve worked with over 888 authors to write over 1,050 books, and our completion rate is over 99%.

Because of our results our admissions process is competitive. We receive over 1,000 applications every month for 30 available places in our program.

Make sure you read this entire page before you enter into the admissions process.


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Why Author Incubator?

Author incubator will help you write a book that makes a difference.”to implement your book’s solution in their lives

Admissions process

If We Accept You, 16-Weeks From Today You’ll Have

A Transformational Book live for preorder on….but not just any book. Here’s something successful transformational authors know that most don’t – 80% of your book’s marketing is baked into the way it is written, so your book has to planned and structured in the right way to be successful. Most authors obsess over writing a “great” book but put very little thought into what they’ll do with it once it’s published. Newsflash: even the greatest book ever written doesn’t make a difference in the world if nobody reads.

We’ll make sure that your book is written so it is able to spread your message of hope, healing, or transformation effectively, AND so it will enable you to create a Transformational Author Business out of working directly with your readers. There are very specific things you have to do to plan and write your book so it is able to do this, and so far we’ve helped over 888 people do it correctly.

A Transformational Author Business Plan, which you will use to create a six- or seven-figure business out of working directly with the readers your book brings to you.

A Transformational Author Certification. We are a vocational school, and when you’ve finished your book you’ll be certified as a Transformational Author who has all the knowledge and ability to make a career out of changing the world, one book at a time, one reader at a time. By taking our certification program, you’ll have all you need to spend the rest of your career helping the people you came to this planet to help.


What Is A Transformational Author? An author who writes a book that solves a problem for its readers, and has a business, movement, or nonprofit based on serving their readers who will pay them for help and support to implement your book’s solution in their lives



Apply online or send your filled application form.



You get a call from our team for an interview



You submit all required documents along with the fee payment.

Your Career As A Transformational Author

When they came to us, most of our 888+ authors felt frustrated. They had a message of hope and healing – a solution or a gift which had improved their lives or helped their businesses, and they had decided to dedicate a part or all of their career towards helping others to solve the same problems they did.
But they didn’t have a good way to get their message into enough of the right peoples’ hands, and they didn’t know how to create enough income to support them in their mission.

Then they found The Author Incubator.

We believe in Divine Guidance, and that we have a soul contract with our ideal students to help them get their books into the world. When someone is ready to serve at a higher level, and they have a soul contract with us to help them do that, that tends to be the moment we cross paths.

Through us, all 888+ of our authors developed a message of hope, healing, and transformation, then crystalized it into a book that could get into the hands and hearts of their ideal readers – the people they are on this planet to help.

Their book became the foundation for the difference they’re making in the world, and the missing link between them and their soul contract clients.

Examples Transformational Authors

How Transformational Authors Make Money

" Transformational Authors make money by using their book to create a Transformational Author Business. A business whose clients come from readers of their book".

If you’re wondering what private coaching program or ongoing support you’re going to offer, the answer is simple. You’re going to help your clients implement exactly what’s in your book in their lives.

Check out the case study videos above to hear about just a few of our authors who have created highly-successful Transformational Author Businesses that are creating massive change on our planet.

Like Shaunna Menard, who empowers health coaches to start their own businesses….

James Jacobi, who works with CEOs to help increase their sales….

Megan Jo Wilson, whose book supports her mission to empower women with confidence issues to become who they truly are in their businesses and their lives, and

Tamara Arnold, who created a Chakra Business Academy to help entrepreneurs release their blocks.

*Note: The money you make as a Transformational Author comes down to the work you put in and how well the offer you make to work with your readers resonates. We’ll give you all the training we can to help you get there, and it’s up to you to put the work in make it happen like most of our graduates do. Check out our full disclaimer here.

Who We’re Looking For:

Our admissions process is designed to help us identify those who are most likely to succeed – and it works, because our completion rate is over 96%. If we accept you, there is a 96% chance you will end up with a finished book live on Amazon – a book that can be the foundation that establishes your successful Transformational Author business and helps you make the difference you were born to make.

Specifically we are looking for:


  • Future Transformational Authors who have or want a career as a coach, healer, consultant, movement leader or nonprofit leader, who need a book to crystalize their message and help them reach a bigger audience
  • Candidates who are on a mission to bring hope, healing, and transformation that will make the world a better place


  • Candidates who have a servant’s heart. We need to know that you’re doing this work for to create change and serve others, not for some ego-based reason to see your book on a bookshelf and say you’re published.
  • Candidates who are ready to make an investment in themselves. 96% of our authors finish their books in our program – if we select you, you will finish this program with a book. You have to be ready to make an investment in yourself in order for us to get you there.

What It Takes

Here’s what it takes to write a book and start your Transformational Author Business

  • You must be able to dedicate 4-6 hours per week for 12 weeks
  • You must have the ability to follow directions from our team and in the training materials we use to help you
  • You must have a computer, with Microsoft Word
  • You must have facebook and email account
  • You must have a decent understanding of the English language


Our Work in Numbers

76% make six-figures in revenue with their book.
Over 888 first-time authors incubated
Over 1,050 books published
Millions of lives touched

New admission starts this month!!

To start the admissions process, enter your name, email address and phone number into the form below.

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