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A digital literacy trainer  for Entrepreneurs and organizations.

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Rogers Kimathi

Founder M&K Trackers, Writer, Digital Literacy Trainer, Renewable Energy physicist, NGO volunteer on resource mobilization, Website and E-Learning Systems Developer.

Hello, I am Digital literacy trainer. Digital literacy means having the skills you need to live, learn, and work in a society where communication and access to information is increasingly through digital technologies like internet platforms, social media, and mobile devices. Digital literacy helps you understand the basics of Internet safety such as creating strong passwords, understanding and using privacy settings, and knowing what to share or not on social media.

Digital literacy helps you learn how to use web browsers, search engines, email, text, wiki, blogs, Photoshop, PowerPoint, video creation/editing software , etc. to showcase learning. Evaluating online resources for accuracy/trustworthiness of information. For teachers, digital literacy skills would offer you practical insights on interacting with digital learning technology for students. As teachers, you also learn how to incorporate digital skills on  lessons, collaborate with peers to share technology and work toward improving learning outcomes for students

Empowerment, Esteem & Communication

Areas of

Training Focus

  • using technology for Personal and professional goals achievement
  • Digital skills to  Improve personal leadership, including work / life balance
  • Increasing accountability and focus through technology.
  • Improving self-awareness and perspective 
  • Growth in leadership competency and capacity building
  • Better systems for priority management
  • Enhanced teamwork, networking and professional development.

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Focus, Efficiency, Productivity

After spending most of my life believing that I had to put aside my own needs to take career action, I finally realized that I do not have to choose between being self-organized and creative in business. Learn more about it in my book.


Electricity Association of Kenya organization website
my work
RCDA NGO website

NGO Volunteer & Mentorship

Resource mobilization and development

A group session photo with FIDA-Kenya executive director Ann Ireri after a successful 3-day training on Resource mobilization and administration skills for community based organizations. 

Training, Workshops & Conferences

Attending training on capacity building and resource mobilization organized by FIDA-Kenya at Ol-donyo Sapuk, Machakos county. 

Covid-19 Response

Distributing Food and protective resources to the vulnerable in the society.  We mobilized donations from local organizations and businesses with a network of community based organizations and other volunteers in the efforts to cushion the vulnerable from the effects of the pandemic.

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